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Benjamin Bobenrieth Nahia's Soul Quintet
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NAHIA'S SOULis the 2nd album of Benjamin Bobenrieth, a very personal album, in Quintet plus a String Quartet.

The album which will be released in November 2022 by the famousxLABEL LABORIE JAZZ, only plays compositions.

When the idea for this second album germinated in Benjamin Bobenrieth's head, the instrumental formula was already there. The presence of the drums in tune with the traditional gypsy rhythm guitar. Challenge and pleasure at all times to compose and imagine the rhythmic aspects of this music in order to open up and broaden the dynamics.
For years too, Benjamin dragged along, like an old traveling companion, this dream of composing and playing with a string quartet. It is now done!
The string quartet broadens the expressiveness of the compositions and reinforces the narrative and script dimension. Benjamin moved away from the tradition of gypsy jazz acoustic guitar from which he came and took the plunge by recording, for the first time, several titles on electric guitar.
All these orchestration elements did not constitute a frivolity of the moment, like an addition plated in a silly way on a disjointed base. They are the basis of the process of creation and composition of this album. They are the music that Benjamin has heard, imagined, sung, danced and constitute this more personal and intimate musical universe.

 Benjamin Bobenrieth: lead guitar, songwriting

Raphael-Tristan Jouaville: violin, composition

Ludovic Machane: rhythm guitar

Vincent Hemery: double bass

Benjamin Naud: drums

Sophie Castaing: violin

Louise Grévin: cello

Sacha Bouget: viola


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