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Benjamin Bobenrieth Travels
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TRAVELSis the 1st album of Benjamin Bobenrieth, an album in Quartet Jazz Gypsy which mixes personal compositions and repertoire of Django Reinhard and Jazz Gypsy.

The album TRAVELS which will be released in September 2018 by the famousLABEL LABORIE JAZZ, features a large majority of compositions (8 titles out of 12) and demonstrates the great creativity of this musician and his group. The release of the album TRAVELS is done with great fanfare with an album release concert at the Studio de l'Ermitage in Paris during the Ermi'Jazz Festival!

The concert, in collaboration withFRANCE MUSIC, Eastchecked in et releasedfully on France Music! Several titles and compositions from the TRAVELS album have since been broadcast on national and local radio stations (France Musique, FIP, etc....).

Benjamin  also collaborates with the Music EditorMETISSE MUSIC, which manages the rights of his compositions. 

This Gypsy Quartet ofexception  has since performed in countless halls and festivals across France and the world on nearly 200 concerts since its creation: Festival Éclats d'Émail Jazz Limoges, Jazz Festival in Andernos, Jazz at the Mercure in Toulouse, Jazz Festival in Oloron, Jazz Festival in Mars, Jazz Saint Sat' Festival, Villefavard en Jazz Festival, Jazz Festival at the Cloister, Karavan Festival, Gipsy Jazz Salles Festival, Jazz Festival in Orthez, Jazz Festival in Comminges, Clarijazz Festival, Place aux Artistes Festival, Swing Mirepoix Festival, Musique en Chemin Festival, Ermi'Jazz Festival... as well as in many theatres,shows, Jazz clubs and private events all over France. 

In 2020, the group takes an additional step in itsacknowledgement  abroad and is going to play for a tour in Saudi Arabia, selected With l'Orchestra National Capitol and David Guetta  to represent Music and CultureFrench, he is one of the rare groups to have performed there! 

The group, which takes a malicious pleasure  to play and which releases a communicative energy to the public, owes its originality to its ability to give a very personal color to everything it plays, music by Django Reinhardt in the purest tradition Jazz Gypsy, has covers of the Song through many very original compositions, with influences from MusicClassical, Cinema music, American Jazz and Current Music !

The group's repertoire is not confined to standards alone, so many compositions create an original universe and invite the listener to travel!

 Benjamin Bobenrieth: lead guitar, songwriting

Raphaël-Tristan Jouaville: violin

Ludovic Machane: rhythm guitar

Vincent Hemery: double bass, composition


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